Something Fishy...
TruBlu (sold)

Tru Blu (2006)

ref:0399 Sold

By far the most popular painting at my first solo show - this brave little turtle had a hypnotic effect on visitors and went home with some expats in Singapore

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whitsundaze (2004)

ref:0169 NFS

This painting was done as a thank you for some dear old friends who organised me a surprise dive trip out to the barrier reef. Amazingly it works in amongst their fine antique furniture and traditional landscapes.

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Joy To Fish (2007)


One of my great pleasures is diving amongst big schools of shining fish...and I try to capture that vision in this painting, one of a number of variations I've done in this theme.

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Koi Meeting (2008)

ref:0507 Sold


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Coral Reef (2008)

ref:0512 Sold


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Andrews Aquarium (2006)

ref:0341 Sold

"Joy to you and me..."

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Turtle Trouble (2008)

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Reef Magic (2008)

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Turtle Reef (2008)

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Tropical Playground (2008)

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Koi Pond (2008)

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Clown Fish (2007)

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About my Undersea paintings
Diving is one of my favourite past-times. I spend a fair part of summer beneath the surface and it's a never ending source of inspiration for my paintings. Submerging into the world of brightly coloured reefs with only the sound of my breath for company is about as meditative as I get, and I try to capture that peace and tranquility in these artworks.