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Summer Bay (2006)

ref:0340 Sold

Summer Bay Surf Hire - All ages, all levels...all styles

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ref:0431 Sold

Extra-Large surfboard painting - a line-up of vibrant surfboards lean against a rustic fence (36x36")

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Weekend Away (2006)

ref:0324 Sold

Alternatively known as "Rabbits" which will make sense only to Australian TV viewers.

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Hippie Trail (2006)

ref:0336 Sold

Traveling in a fried-out combi/on a hippie trail head full of zombie....I love the nostalgia of this piece - which is now immortalised in my new homewares!

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Surf Club (2008)

ref:0531 Sold

Inspired by surf-clubs everywhere (36x24")

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Hawaiian Style (2007)

ref:0424 Sold

Surf Shack with Frangipanis (36x24")

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Weekender (2007)

ref:0425 Sold

Perfect shack on a beautiful beach (36x24")

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2 of Us (2008)

ref:0533 $1200

...and perfect getaway wheels (30x40")

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Frangipani Surf (2007)

ref:0414 Sold

Beautiful colours in this retro Surf Triptych...

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Palm Beach Dreamhouse (2006)

ref:0344 Sold

If I could sell like Brett Whiteley this is where I'd live...

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Sunbaking (2007)

ref:0428 Sold

Aussie Beach life (36x18")

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Sandbar (2008)

ref:0532 Sold

also known as "Beer O'Clock - 'nuff said. (48x16")

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Sunday Afternoon (2006)

ref:0319 Sold

Of all the surf weekend paintings I did, it's this one that captures the holiday mood for me most perfectly.
Please Do Not Disturb.

About my surf series...
My surf paintings started in 2006 and they have become the dominant theme in my painting. In 2007 I added more Kombi's to the mix, followed by VW Bugs in 2008. The best thing about doing this series has been the great people I have met - especially the VW clubbers who have embraced both me and my art (even though I don't own a Vee-Dub!) In return I like to help out with VW Club fundraising so if you are a Club Member looking for prizes etc - please email me your requests!