Frogs, Dragonflies & other critters
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Just Hanging (2006)


The grooviest frog painting ever! Just hanging with friends...can't beat it!

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Eyes Bigger than Tummy (2006)

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Sometimes we just have to go for it, no matter how daunting the "it" may appear...

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Gotcha! (2006)

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With sincere apologies to dragonflies everywhere

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Midnite Munchies (2006)

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More apologies to dragonflies, but these are hungry times for frogs

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Moonlight Froggies ' (2007)

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A new variation on a favourite theme

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Double date (2008)

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caught out!

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Waterlily Frogs in Blue (2005)

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I like the beautiful blues and geometric style of these waterlilies

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Frog in Frangis' (2005)

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My favourite frog in my favourite flower

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Curl Curl Frogs(2005)

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Curl Curl is the beach next to Dee Why beach. I walk the bush trail between them fruitlessly looking for frogs.

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Tatis Frogs (2005)

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A commissioned triptych done for the biggest frog fan I have ever known!

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Oriental Frog' (2005)

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I always enjoy finding the most unusual poses for my frogs

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Peace Lily Frog (2005)

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Calla Lily stems make perfect frog pedestals

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Iris Frog (2005)

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It always surprises me how each frog develops it's distinct individual expression - I don't deliberately try and make them look shy or cocky!!

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Blue Dragonfly Triptych (2006)

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This was the first painting I did combining my traditional daisy triptych panels with beautifully detailed blue dragonflies...

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Gerbera Dragonfly(2006)

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The rich red backdrop makes this painting

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White Lily with Fly (2006)

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I adore the fragility of this piece. It was a fairly small painting, but so delicate that it took me ages to do!

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Arbutus Life (2008)

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An interesting and enjoyable commission for an old friend

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Lazydayzies (2006)

ref:0335 $765

A stunning trio of daisies and dragonflies

About Frogs and Dragonflies
I've always been a fan of frogs, my earliest memory is catching them. I began to paint tree frogs in 2004 after spying them hiding in flowers in tropical far North Queensland. I have been delighted to since meet a huge subculture of fellow frog lovers. The dragonflies came later, and to the dismay of some, often end up in my paintings as froggy dinner. Yup, nature is cruel.