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Oriental Lily Triptych (2005)

ref:0289 Sold

A particular favourite, I like the combination of colours in this piece...

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Venus Fly Trap (2005)

ref:0244 Sold

I've always loved Venus flytraps and intended to paint a series of them. But sometimes when I paint something really well the first time I am too scared to try and repeat it!

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earth daisies triptych (2005)

ref:0215 Sold

My daisy triptych designs came to me in a dream and I never get tired of trying new ones.

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Frangipani Droplets (2003)

ref:cfrg Sold

Before we all went frangipani crazy I did this early version with raindrops

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Nats Triptych (2006)

ref:cnat Sold

This trio of paintings was a recent commission - I just adore these colours.

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Iris (2005)

ref:0204 Sold

The largest Iris I've ever painted.

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Orchid Quadtych (2005)

ref:corc Sold

I don't very often paint orchids, when I do...I like to get stuck into the detail!

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Daisy Tapestry Triptych (2004)

ref:ctap Sold

This triptych was an early commission. I've always meant to go back and do more of these.

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Daisy Triptych on Burgundy (2005)

ref:0281 Sold

The overlapping daisies have always proved popular, especially in these colours.

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Four Frangipanis (2004)

ref:0142 Sold

This series has the dubious honour of being most coveted by overseas art factories. I bump into illegal reproductions everywhere.

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Goddess (2007)

ref:0450 Sold

Gorgeous rich colour and pop-art influence this hibiscus

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5 Red Tulips (2006)

ref:0284 Sold

Often after painting big bold flowers I'll change tack and do a more fragile contained piece.

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Irises (2004)

ref:0049 Sold

My first Iris painting.

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Three Pink Oriental Lilies (2005)

ref:0216 Sold

I don't often get to paint in oils as they take so long to dry. But when I do, I really enjoy the deep rich colours they provide.

About my local scenes...
Early on, floral paintings made up the bulk of my work. I sway between realistic floral protraits and my more stylised "Funky Flowers" series. The daisy triptych paintings came in a dream - I jumped out of bed and went straight to my easel and produced one of my most popular series ever.